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Instant Car Wash Service

Instant Car Wash Service


German Automobiles offers Car Wash and detailing services at its center in Gurgaon. We offer a variety of car washing and cleaning services to make your car clean and shine without any hassle. We use the best mechanized car washing system to make your car shine as good as new. We wash cars of all types and brands at our repair center. We provide fast and reliable services all car owners who are in need of a professional team to take care of their car. We are a well-known and trusted name as the best car repair shop in the Gurgaon area.

Everyone wants their car to be as clean and shiny. Although we take best possible care of our cars, there are many factors which are beyond our control. But at German Automobiles car repair center, we put in our best effort to make you car shine.

Our car cleaning process includes:
•    High pressure car wash
•    Engine cleaning with steam wash
•    Car’s body wash with foam
•    Under body cleaning with high pressure without disturbing wheel alignment
•    Internal cleaning with suction vacuum cleaner
•    Dash board cleaning
•    Foot mats cleaning and drying
•    Air vents cleaning
•    Windows and mirrors cleaning


Car detailing is a process of cleaning and restoring the original condition and looks of car’s body parts, both interior and exterior. It is different from car washing as it is done to protect the parts thereby enhancing the life of the parts and the car. We provide all types of car detailing and dry cleaning services in Gurgaon like silencer coating, AC cleaning. Alloy wheels protection, engine coating, glass treatment, headlight restoration, car seat leather conditioning, paint protection, waxing, underbody coating and more. And we offer all these services at the most competitive prices in Gurgaon.

German Automobiles is a complete solution for all car servicing problems. Apart from car cleaning and detailing, we provide a wide range of car repair services in Gurgaon like all brands car repairing, regular servicing, car air conditioning system repair, dent removal, paint restoring, oil changing, car electrical parts repair, wheel alignment and more. We use branded and genuine spare parts in repairing your car. So next time when you want to get your car cleaned at a professional car cleaning center in Gurgaon, make sure that you first contact German Automobiles to get the best car services.

Just call us and book your car cleaning/detailing appointment anytime.

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