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German Automobiles offers reliable and complete solutions for car AC repair in Gurgaon. From AC installations to repair and car AC servicing, German Automobiles provides fast and hassle free services to vehicle owners in Gurgaon area. Our service list includes:

Car AC Installation – We, at our car repair center in Gurgaon, install new car air conditioning system in all types of car models and brands.
Car AC Repair – We repair broken air conditioning system of all models of cars.
Car AC Servicing – We also provide regular servicing for car ACs.

We have a very qualified, trained and experienced team of technicians that have years of experience in repairing air conditioning systems of cars and other vehicles. Our technicians can handle any kind of car AC related problems, big or small. Some of the common car AC problems are:

• A gas leakage in the system that results in low pressure and thus gives less cooling.
• Pungent Odors due to damp interior of your car’s AC in winter.
• Condenser blockage due to the presence of dirt or debris.
• Mechanical errors like non-working valves, defective compressor clutch, etc.

At, German Automobiles, we take care of all the problems that are there in your car’s AC as quickly as possible so that you can use your car without any problem. We are among the top repair centers in Gurgaon and also offer a wide range of other services like car dents repairing, car interiors and exterior cleaning, electrical parts repairing, car alignments and other car repair services. We provide quick services and repair your car in no time. And we do all this at very reasonable rates. Call German Automobiles any time and get any car air conditioning and other repairs related problems solved as soon as possible.

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